A.I.R. Stocks and Audit - Clients

Below is a list of some of our client's. Although we have a large customer base already we will take additional clients on where possible.

Pierhouse Hotel

As a hotelier it is imperative that I know exactly where I stand from a business perspective at any given moment in time. Without a detailed stock report and critical analysis of exactly what the position is on a monthly basis it would be almost impossible to know the real state of the business. Tony's reports give me an in depth insight into exactly what is happening in both the kitchen and the bar. They help guide me in both areas as to our progress and show me precisely what is going well and what is not. It also keeps the staff on their toes because they know that there performance is being carefully monitored to the nearest 'shot' in the bar, or to the nearest kg of meat. This in itself has the added advantage of hopefully discouraging any possible theft from the premises. Being a busy hands-on proprietor there is the constant problem of not spending enough time analysing figures and too much time pulling pints in the bar to save on labour costs. Tony therefore gives another added bonus which is that once a month I have no choice but to sit down and talk to him in detail about the exact state of the business at that moment in time. These monthly discussions are absolutely critical and keep me in tune with the reality of what is happening. 5 years on and I honestly do not think it is possible to run a business effectively without a stock taker. It would be like driving a car wearing sunglasses at night - semi blindness. Tony fees are not just money well spent. They are an investment and help to contribute to the continuing success of our business especially in this these very difficult economic and trading conditions.

The Office Bar

The Office Bar use Air Stocks and Audit to analyze and report on stock costs, profits and losses. Since using AIR we have managed to improve our GP in all departments, secure lower supplier prices and highlight where we were previously losing stock.

View The Office Bar's website http://www.theofficeaberdeen.co.uk